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This conference programme aims to give senior IT professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the IT industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future IT strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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cpd_certified_rgb.pngThe IT Directors' Forum qualifies for CPD credits. All delegate attendees will receive a CPD certificate after the event.

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2016 / Keynotes
2016 / Keynotes
  • Brexit: Unchartered territory – where to now?

    Dan Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England

    The results are in and Britain is out!

    With a new Prime Minister and a new outlook where are we now? Is the volatility of the financial markets a judgement on our prospects? Will the fallout be fatal or can we move forward to a prosperous and independent future? What of the risks of a destabilised Europe? Will there be a single market to trade with and will there be a United Kingdom? Will a change in government direction mean a change in economic policy? Many had hoped for the end to uncertainly and a quick return to ‘normality’, instead we have a new era. As we embark on an uncharted social, political and economic journey … where will it lead us?

    Join Daniel Hannan, British Politician, Journalist, Brexit Campaigner and long term MEP to discuss the consequences.


  • The world economy in 2017

    David McWilliams, Economist, Broadcaster and Best Selling Author

    Following Brexit, what lies ahead in European and international economics? What are the implications for the UK and the Single Market? Will the EU’s sluggish economy, riddled with inconsistencies and excessive regulation, break into even a trot? On the global front, will the Chinese economy continue to contract or regain its upward trajectory? Will US interest rates rise? Will the price of oil stabilise and what are the likely repercussions of the latest turmoil in the Middle East?

    Deciphering the uncertainty is what global economist and much published David McWilliams does best. Professor, practitioner and keenly sought after speaker the world over, David’s unique insights provide companies with essential guidance in an increasingly unsteady and unpredictable world.

    David McWilliams has devoted his entire professional life to understanding economics and developing his own world-view of how the global economy operates. His objective is to make this knowledge and these insights as widely available and easily understandable on as many platforms and to as many people as possible. His economics festival “Kilkenomics” is described by the FT as “simply, the best economics conference in the world”. David has worked extensively in the public and private sectors. He was an economist in the International Relations Department of the Irish Central Bank; Chief European Economist at UBS, Europe’s largest bank; and Head of Emerging Markets Research at Banque Nationale de Paris. He hopes that by joining Trinity Business School he can bring his years of international experience to a new group of enthusiastic students and a different way of thinking for future Irish Economists.


  • You too can save the space station!

    Dr Michael Foale CBE : Astronaut, Scientist, Inventor

    NASA’s former record breaking astronaut will describe his journey from being born in rural Lincolnshire to becoming the man who saved the Mir space station following the only collision in space. He will give practical insights into being selected for and shaping high performance teams, maintaining leadership and team work under pressure and innovation under extreme and unique danger and high profile pressure. In short he will describe how to be a leader when things have gone completely wrong.

    Mike will also draw on his experiences as Chief of the Astronaut Expedition Corps, Assistant Director of the Johnson Space Centre, and Deputy Administrator at NASA Headquarters. He will give perceptions form his extensive international and cross-cultural high level work, especially with the Russians. He will cite specific programmes he developed at NASA to help both sides over-come bias and integrate US astronauts and Russian cosmonauts into teams capable of meeting some of the world’s most complex challenges. In summary he will share developing best behaviours as a leader, a team member and as an individual together with working and planning at the edge of human experience to manage risk and ensure high quality outcomes and innovations.

    Michael Foale, CBE, PhD is a British-American astrophysicist and former NASA astronaut. He is a veteran of six Space Shuttle missions and extended missions on both Mir and the International Space Station. He was the first Briton to perform a space walk, and until 17 April 2008, he held the record for most time spent in space by a US citizen: 374 days, 11 hours, 19 minutes. He still holds the cumulative-time-in-space record for a UK citizen.

    Mike has been into space on 6 missions and was Commander of the International Space Station (ISS), bringing the Hubble Space Telescope back to life and having a major role in saving the Russian ‘Mir’ Space Station, following the only collision in outer space when, during Mir 23, the station was struck by a Progress resupply vessel. Mike has experience of multi-million dollar contracts and working with International partners including governments, businesses and former adversaries.


2016 / Industry
2016 / Industry
  • The cyber criminals: what they do and who they are

    Charlie McMurdie, Former Head of Law Enforcement National Cyber Capability, Police Central e-Crime Unit, Met Police

    Attendees can expect a discussion around real-life operational cases covering Attackers, Hackers and Handlers. Special attention will be spent profiling the cyber criminals that attack our financial institutions, hack into our most secure government security agencies or run the Darkmarket cyber services that facilitate crime.

    This session will be led by Charlie McMurdie, former Detective Superintendent with 32 years of experience in the Metropolitan Police, who built the Police Central e-crime Unit, a world class cyber crime capability and national cyber crime investigative and enforcement body of the United Kingdom. She is an internationally acclaimed authority and advisor on issues within government and industry in relation to cyber crime, the Internet, communication technology, computing and security sectors.


  • Sandwich Toasters And Electric Knives: How do we deal with risk and redundancy in the internet of things?

    Neil King, European Business & Information Security, Canon

    It seems like every time we look at the media there is a new article about how seemingly innocuous items are now being enabled to connect to the Internet of Things. Seemingly as frequent are the scare stories that tell of security flaws that allow the IoT to intrude into our lives in ways that...


    The IT nightmare no one is talking about: BIM Legislation and those “rogue” IT systems outside your control impacting your network

    Kim van Rooyen, Director Technology - Head of Service, Turner & Townsend project management

    The construction market is currently going through Digital transformation. Recent UK legislation ( 4th April 2016 ) has further fuelled this transformation by mandating the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on all government construction jobs which has started to spill into the priva...


  • Creating the Digital Organisation

    John Morton, Business and Technology Advisor

    For most who read about digital business, or digitising the organisation, it appears customer experience and better websites are the answer. Less so seeking to understand the new digital market, your customers, partners and relationships. Business today is besieged by the challenges to be d...


    Two burglaries, One data loss, and Several Air Conditioning Failures later – The Road to Data Security

    Graham Francis, Director of Continuous Improvement, Havering Sixth form College
    All sectors, Public and Private alike, are striving to ensure that their data is safe and protected from outside intrusion but what happens if the outsider actually enters the data centre itself? - How protected are we then? What if the equipment used to support the Infrastructure fails and data...

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Peter McElwaine-Johnn, Principal Director, Technology Strategy, Accenture

    The major theme at this year’s World Economic Forum was ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ Steam power, Electricity and the advent of Digital Computing spurred the first three technology-inspired revolutions. Now a collection of pervasive innovations coupled with societal sh...


    The Future of Retail Banking

    Peter McElwaine-Johnn, Principal Director, Technology Strategy, Accenture

    The established retail banking model is under threat from technology-mediated disruption on all sides. Peer-to-peer lenders and crowdfunding sites are providing alternate sources of finance. Payments innovators are, either through intermediation or by bypassing the card schemes, seeking to dep...


  • Digital Leadership and Innovation in a Disruptive World

    James Longstaff, IT Director, Vestra Wealth

    With CIOs under constant pressure to support day to day business activities against a backdrop of ever increasing cyber-security risks, it can be hard to know where to begin responding to the threat of digital disruption.

    In this session, we’ll take a look at what’s really meant by dis...


2016 / Discussion Groups
2016 / Discussion Groups
  • Realistic Disruption

    To be moderated by your peers

    The hype suggests change and transformation, glory through shaking things up and redefining what IT can mean within an organisation. The modern IT Director is brave enough to throw everything out for a singular vision…

    But it leaves out the uneasiness and resistance from the Board, and...


    Engagement Follow-Through

    To be moderated by your peers

    You’ve championed the cause – get people on board and all levels of the organisation to contribute in driving the culture and interests. The board has bought in, and research has been done telling you what people want. What now?

    This discussion group is aimed at how to keep engagement ...


    The Impact of Blockchain Tech

    To be moderated by your peers

    Widespread shared databases, or distributed ledgers, can hold immense value to an organisation. They can update and execute in real time while remaining exponentially more secure, as there it is stored on numerous databases simultaneously. It has been the underlying system of Bitcoin, and ...


2016 / Brexit & IT
2016 / Brexit & IT
  • Brexit - Opportunity or Nightmare?

    Chris Weston, IT Strategist & Leader. 2016 CIO 100

    On Thursday 23rd June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. This decision caught pollsters, politicians and the markets off-guard, leading to a run on sterling and a sudden decline in investment, as organisations struggled to understand what this meant for them. IT leaders have specific issues with ‘Brexit’, and are now planning for the world outside the EU.

    Chris Weston has led IT teams for over 20 years, being named in the CIO 100 in 2016, and will be armed with the latest information regarding the government’s position on Brexit, responses from major IT vendors, and opinions from IT leaders on the challenges ahead.


2016 / Professional Development
2016 / Professional Development
  • Selecting the select – approaches and strategies to recruit and manage talent

    Michael Foale CBE, astronaut, scientist, inventor

    Mike will draw on his experience of unsuccessfully applying to be an astronaut, being selected by NASA to be an astronaut and of interviewing applicants to what is possibly the most prestigious group of operatives in the world. He will discuss managing experienced astronauts, including General...


    The what and the why of leadership

    James Kerr, bestselling author, speaker and adviser

    Writer, speaker and advisor James Kerr is the first outsider to gain access inside the legendary All Blacks rugby team. His international best seller, Legacy, reveals the secrets of their extraordinary success - Champions Do Extra, they Go for the Gap, Sweep the Sheds, Play with Purpose and Le...


    The winning mindset

    Jeremy Snape, Founder, Sporting Edge

    With compelling research from psychology and neuroscience brought to life by fascinating insights from sporting champions and coaches, delegates will learn how to develop the winning mind-set by learning more about:

    • Dealing with pressure and stress.

    • Retaining emotional contro...


  • Tomorrow’s World Today: The disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and how we should respond

    Dean Van Leeuwen, Futurist, TomorrowToday Global

    We’re not just living in a time of fast-paced change, we’re actually experiencing an era shift in history. Driven by technology, globalisation, shifting social values and even demographic shifts, amongst other mega-trends, every industry and sector of society is experiencing deep structural ...


    Managing the next generation: How to get the most out of your millennial talent in a digital world

    Dean Van Leeuwen, Futurist, TomorrowToday Global

    Today’s young people have grown up in a world very different to that of older generations. Globalisation has shrunk the planet. Technology is endemic and everything is expected to be enabled by it. The Internet has revolutionised not only the way Millennials access information, but the way t...


  • A World of Cities: A New Map of the World Economy”

    Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs, London

    Our understanding of the world is shaped by the way information is packaged and presented. Changing this can lead you to see things very differently. One major example of this is the way we see business, economic life, and the world economy through the prism of the territorial nation.


    The Inadvertent Saboteur® – the missing link in high performance

    Laurence Coen, Change Management Innovator and Founder, Glorious Day

    Like good managers, we try to fix our issues in a logical and structured way.  However, where mindset, attitude and culture are concerned, this doesn’t always work out, because human behaviour at work, in spite of what we’d like to think, is not a rational response mechanism.&...


  • Post-Brexit Wines & Paired Cheeses

    Steve Parker, Managing Director, Hampton Cheese and Wine Company

    Now that we face the prospect of European wines either costing more or becoming less available, what will we be drinking instead?  If you are a lover of Champagne, Rioja, Chianti, Châteauneuf du Pape or Sancerre, then this session will introduce you to some great alternatives from outside...


    South American Wines & Paired Cheeses

    Steve Parker, Managing Director, Hampton Cheese and Wine Company
    With the Olympics completed this summer in Rio, this innovative tutored tasting is adopting the theme of South America and this tutored tasting will give you the opportunity to try some of them in a series of carefully chosen pairings. Come along and see whether you can tackle all the cheeses and...

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